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Lynnsie, Go Home!

When I was in 4th grade, a classmate and I used to walk home from school together. Lynnsie was a very lonely girl – she may have been an only child whose mom, unlike mine, wasn’t waiting for her after school. In any event, she almost invariably wanted to hang out together much longer than I wanted to, and I had to tell her that I had other stuff to do – hence the title of this post. My family thought I was being cruel – and I definitely was being rude – but Lynnsie never took a hint and had to be repeatedly told that she’d overstayed her welcome. As much as my parents tried to make me feel guilty about telling Lynnsie to go home, I never did. I wasn’t exactly proud of my behavior, but my parents had also taught me to be self-reliant and I knew even at 8 years old that I was responsible for how I spent my time and in whose company I spent it.

Due to pandemic stay-at-home orders, we’ve all had plenty of time of late to consider who’s in our lives and why they remain. I peek in on friends via social media more often than I make phone calls nowadays. I actually began writing this blog with ruminations about former friends, and I continue to puzzle over the disappearance of certain people from my life. It isn’t exactly “ghosting”, but I think we DO amend our interests, priorities and affections over time, and definitely change what kind of treatment we will tolerate.

I’m not alone in this –

How much of an explanation do we owe other people when we recoil from them? I used to assume that everything needed to be totally understood before it could be accepted, but then I learned the hard way that some things are never explained adequately, and yet we have to keep living. Bottom-line, a lot of people are like Lynnsie (and I include myself!); we’re a bit in denial about unpleasant realities. Whose job is it to “make it alright”?

While the Golden Rule is a great ideal, there are limits. Ultimately it’s our own job to make peace with how things actually are. As my dad used to say, “nobody can take your bath for you.”


4 thoughts on “Lynnsie, Go Home!

  1. Over the past few years, I have been ghosted by a couple friends who were, prior to that, people I had pretty close relationships with. I have tried to check in with them a couple times, only to receive no response. In both cases, I learned that these people also ghosted many of our other mutual friends too, which told me that their choice wasn’t about me. They needed to retreat or take their lives in some new direction, for reasons known only to them by their choice. While I would rather have some sort of closure or explanation (or, even better, their continuing friendship), I’ve had to accept that I probably won’t receive it.

    There’s an old expression that says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” It’s sad when I would like to have a person in my life for a lifetime, but they have chosen one of the other categories. Oh well!

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    • I hear you loud and clear, Dave! Under most circumstances, I’m as tenacious as a terrier, fiercely defending my friendships. But I’ve been driven to ghost one long-time acquaintance who was “making me feel like I’ve never been born”, to quote John Lennon’s song SHE SAID SHE SAID. I wish I could explain it better – to myself, even! I was loath to pull the plug after 45+ years but relationships that negate the existence of one of the 2 people involved aren’t really functional. ❤ XOXO – M


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