Is It Safe?


Anyone who’s ever seen the film “Marathon Man” remembers this scene – and today I think most of us are haunted by that very question. It can be a challenge to know which way to go, who to trust, when to proceed and how to go about it. No one wants to be left out and no one wants to be victimized, and yet these things are apparently happening all the time.

In the 6th grade I volunteered to be a safety patrol – not the same as a crossing guard as I didn’t have any authority to stop traffic, but it was my responsibility to make sure no school children were in the street when vehicles were coming – just like this youngster here:


I liked the authority of my position and I didn’t even mind getting up early and staying late to perform my duties. At the end of the school year my parents and I were invited to a special dinner where I was given a trophy and merit award – more for regular attendance, I think, than anything else. I thought it was a little silly at the time but still appreciated the recognition; by showing up on that corner 4 times every school day, I had made the world a little safer.


With all the shootings, mayhem and chaos of late, I wish I could do that now – that there was a simple, effective way to make the world a little safer for everyone. So far, the only thing that occurs to me is to make myself feel safer – to remember, as Joni Mitchell sings, that “we are stardust, we are golden”- and that feeling safe, like most emotional states, is an inside job. There are certain energetic practices I’ve been trying out lately – Donna Eden is doing some cool stuff – and EFT Tapping – both of which may be a  bit airy-fairy for some folks. And of course, there’s quiet time in reflection…. I’ve found that when all else fails, this meditation always helps me.    🙂



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