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I rented a room in Gloria’s apartment on the upper West Side, near Grant’s tomb

I knew I was talented, whatever that means

I knew I had songs to write, music to sing

Once, the night after I’d performed a short set in a Village club (Reno Sweeney’s on 13th St.?) a complete stranger recognized me on the subway and I thought “well, for sure, I’m on my way now! Fame and fortune are right around the corner!”

That was over 40 years ago

Then we went from town to town, finding beauty, looking for acceptance,

Looking for fame, settling for making a living of sorts. There was always one Dream or another to be fulfilled – until we could finally land in Dreamville.

Always just out of reach, our dreams eluded us – hell, they HAD to exist – hadn’t we been schooled to believe

Keep on trying – there’s got to be a pony in here SOMEWHERE

So we kept looking, living beyond our means, living on dreams in Dreamland.

We bought a house in the suburbs – within earshot of the Dream

surrounded by friends, also addicted to the Dream, we all convinced ourselves and each other that success was just around the corner.

Around the corner – past the 7-11, where robberies happened on a regular basis, the police helicopters buzzing overhead

I’ll keep believing if you’ll keep believing

With intermittent reinforcement, like a lovesick lady hung up on a married man

But he says he’ll leave her for me – I just KNOW it’s gonna happen.

Hanging on by a thread of a thread, wrapped up in the tapestry of Dreamland

Tonight is the Super Moon.  We’ll look up at the desert sky and see it shine, among the stars

We moved away from Dreamland a long time ago, tho it took a while to get it out of our system

We left our still-dreaming friends, too, or they left us

Some had found a way to survive, to afford the high price of oil, of food, to feed the Dream, no matter what the cost

I miss them, sometimes

I miss who we all were back then, believing we would fly

In a way, I’m glad they still believe – I’m glad they still subscribe – their children still aspire to something beautiful, something gauzy, to keep the Dream alive

Even tho I woke up years ago, I’m glad to see them still striving to stay asleep

in Dreamland

June 2013

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2 thoughts on “Dreamland

  1. Jack Perricone says:

    Henry Miller once wrote ” no hope, no despair”, a sad summing up I say, but true.
    But the dreams and hopes, no matter how futile, are what sometime leads to moments of creativity and even happiness, momentary though it may be, and that’ s what keeps us going. Is acceptance enogh

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